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Risking Your Heart at Christmas

Estrangement of a loved one is an awful thing this time of year when relationships, especially with family and friends are celebrated and reflected in every moment of every day. Christmas or Hanukkah can’t fix a relationship that has floundered or failed.  And somehow the holiday  “magic” can illuminate regrets.   

But if you believe in the hope and faith of love, you can reach out in spite of  your trepidations and trembling heart. It’s a big risk, laying yourself open to the possibility of another wound. But in the gamble, you also open up to the possibility that love will prevail and that you will experience  the “happily ever after” ending.

 Of course there are cautions about taking the risk of opening your heart, especially when you have been hurt. Here, the phrase, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies perfectly.  Unless you have been abused or mistreated acknowledge your own responsibility in the failure.  Then initiate a little step:  a note, a private message, an invitation for a cup of coffee or tea. Relationships require tending, not construction.  It’s a give and take of time. 

 Be aware that sometimes, even with a valiant effort a relationship cannot be recovered.  Not all relationships were meant to prevail.  Accept the loss acknowledging  that it takes two people to create the bonds of love.  And when you can open your heart to another.