Finding Hillary

The quest to find the woman who would be President of the United States.

I decided last week to find Hillary.  Prompted by a couple of my friend’s entreaties to vote for someone to keep someone else out of the Oval Office, I have decided to challenge myself.  Because frankly I just could not come up with a concrete reason that wasn’t informed by the media.  I have never read any of her books.  And I haven’t read any books written about her.  I have seen her on the news but I know very little about her life and career.  I never listen to radio talk jocks and I rarely watch television shows with hosts who interview “celebrities”.  It’s all too boring.

But there are two things I can confidently say that I think about Hillary Clinton.

  1. I admired the way she handled her husband’s public philandering.
  2. Her voice annoys me.

So, for me this is a quest.  I am going in search of a leader.  I believe a person’s truths are echoed in their writings, so my goal is to read at least two of her books, probably  Hard Choices  and “It Takes a Village”.  Because enemies help define all of us, I will read two books from among those who find fault with her, “The Case Against Hillary Clinton”, by Peggy Noonan “The Final Days” by Barbara Olson.  (All of these books have been chosen because they are available at local libraries)  I’ll interview a couple of my friends and family who will not vote for her and I’ll also continue to listen to two of my friends who are ardent supporters.  I’ve read some articles in the N.Y. Times but I usually prefer the Washington Post, so those will contribute in my search to find the reality behind this iconic woman.   And maybe I can catch a video or two, including  Clinton Cash.

During this journey I would like to find the answers to the following questions? 

Do I agree with her ideologically?

How was her job performance as  the Secretary of State?

What part does corruption play in her leadership?

What role does misogyny play in my perceptions of her?

I am prepared to accept that I might not find the leader that I would like to find.  But I am also prepared to find a leader that I have neglected to give a chance.  My journey begins…join me.
Expect a new post every week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday.  And I invite appropriate and respectful referrals and comments.


8 thoughts on “Finding Hillary

  1. Here she is!
    First we have emails that prove the DNC conspired to out Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Then Hillary’s campaign manager from her last run is convicted on 9 counts of criminal activity from how she ran Hillary’s campaign, (no doubt she was just following orders from Shillary).
    Then Julian Assange tells us Hillary’s Director of voter expansion was the email leaker and was likely killed for that reason. The media is blocking all this except for a few outlets. Assange has to be angry that his lawyer was mysteriously hit by a train. Details are almost non-existant. Pushed in front of a train, no doubt. And then there’s Shawn Lucas, who served Debbie Wasserman Schultz papers to appear in court over voter fraud concerning outing Sanders.
    And thats just for starters.


    1. These are a lot of serious charges. I’m assuming you have sourced these allegations. Would benefit from knowing where you’re getting this information. Some I am aware of…DNC and Bernie Sanders but only from television – not the most reliable source. And Julian Assange has many, many enemies so not so sure I would trust his experiences and “reports” unless there was some sort of proof. But I do hear you.
      BTW I have no preconceived outcome here. I am searching to find the facts.


      1. I will do that. Also, I will not be taking comments from organizations any longer, only people. As you can imagine, people who are afraid to use their name or “handle” tend to be more radical in their commentary.


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