The Bitch is Back: Hillary & Misogyny

I am NOT a “vagina voter”.  I wouldn’t vote for say, Sarah Palin, vagina or not.  The people I vote for are evaluated and judged by me as though they were applying for the job of President of the United States. I  consider their job experience, their character, and their temperament.  I don’t have to necessarily “like” a candidate because  I’m pretty sure we won’t be hanging out.  As I’ve researched HRC and her relationship to misogyny I have been appalled, surprised, disgusted and entertained by the verbal barrage of insults and commentary about her person.  If she is nothing else, she is a woman who is thick-skinned.

If we want to just consider the words that Mrs. Clinton has endured, there are plenty of examples,  “…angry bull dyke womyn president“, (Robert Morrow F.B. 12/11/12), “that buck-toothed witch, Satan“, Don Imus, “the Antichrist” Glenn Beck  “the woman with the testicle lock box” Rush Limbaugh, and “Pond scum, White Trash“, Ann Colter (quoted from the book, “Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary, Reflections by Women Writers“).  She’s definitely been called a “bitch” more than once.  It is the one thing she and I share.  Among other choices, I’ve  been called a bitch.  I’ve also been called a “nympho” – an interesting word that is defined as an “uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a woman”.  Men are expected to have uncontrollable or excessive sexual desires.  This is the language of sexism.

If you’re looking for specifics about misogyny in politics, and what a female leader has to endure, the Guardian does a nice job of laying out the details. Hillary and other women leaders around the globe are considered.   The Top 10 Sexist Moments in Politics

Questioning the status quo is not making excuses for Mrs. Clinton.  It is an act of curiosity, reflection and thought. Why do we hate her? dislike her?  Is she held to a different standard than her male opponents?  (I guarantee you that you don’t have to do much research to find out that she is.)   Does she behave in a way that is unfamiliar to what we understand a woman should be? and does that behavior make us uncomfortable?  In the end we still might not vote for her but it will be for reasons that would disqualify any candidate to represent us and not because she is a woman.

The escalation of a woman to power, particularly in a male domain, charts a parallel course of increased misogyny and sexism.  And if a girl is lucky, her family will have prepared her. Simone Biles wasn’t just prepared to win or lose.  She was prepared for the predictable sexist questions by the media.  Simone Biles replies to sexist comments  Every woman accepts it as the ancillary cost to achievement.  We cope and endure and sometimes we have fun with it.   Bitch is the New Black


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