When you’re the hunted, words matter.

Once my brother,  obviously critical of my reluctance to watch swearing, fucking, killing television or listen to hate radio levied the ultimate criticism, “You’re delicate!”  In other words,  I was too fragile to handle the gross assaults on my everyday happiness. But how could I embrace the portrayals of  women being hunted, strangled, raped and tortured?  I refused to witness these sufferings.  I knew assaults happened but it didn’t have to happen in my living room every single day.  And I refused to hear Rush Limbaugh’s swirling tongue, sliding out from his mouth, calling a woman a bitch or a slut and suggesting that women want to be sexually assaulted.  Rush Limbaugh rants

Am I delicate?  Soft?  Fragile?  My children will give a resounding,  YES! When it comes to movies, hate radio and television, they believe I am a wuss.  I think most of my friends and former colleagues would find this assignment laughable.  “Her, delicate?” Ba, ha, ha, ha.  I am the strong-willed, aggressively passionate, feminist, mama bear, who grew up a tom boy.  But I have to admit that the language of Trumpian Surrogates sends waves of prickling goose bumps across my skin. I have been assaulted more than once and I am  a  domestic violence survivor.  It is easy for me to imagine this continual current of careless hateful words taking up residence in an unbalanced, vulgar young man.  “Bitches” deserve  to be beaten back, beaten down, beaten into manageable submission. It’s not a “stretch” when you are the hunted.

I learned a long time ago that sexual assault has nothing to do with how pretty you are or how you dress.  It’s about power, it’s not about sex.  Women in their 60’s have been stalked and assaulted and sadly, so have little children.  It’s not a sexual act of intimate intercourse, it’s a forced brutal attack of dominance, often culminating in a kill.

So when Roger Stone, a man who funds the Trump Campaign, organizes a group using the acronym CUNT, (Citizens United Not Timid) my anger and fear can not and will not be dismissed.  Nor, can the well-documented legacy of Donald Trump’s actions, words, and behaviors be wished away for the “greater good”. Calling Clinton a Bitch  He’s a dangerous man who incites violence and pits us one against another. His life-long behaviors describe a man who is misogynistic. (Brit Brogaard, Ph.D. describes misogyny as,  “not a man who simply hates women,…but (who) hates women who are not subordinate, women with power and status, women who can stand up for themselves and make their own decisions.”What is Misogyny Anyway  )

When you see images of Mr. Trump surrounded by women, enjoying their company, publicly displaying his affection for them,  take note that this behavior is dependent on their subjugation to him.  Independence is exercised when an individual woman chooses the trade-off of servility for prestige, power, or money.  A leader modeling subjugation by demeaning women and disrespecting women could become the existing condition.  And if our President can treat women and girls this way, wouldn’t our boys and young men assume that yes, that is the way to treat women.  If you doubt this could happen, look up supportive articles of Hillary Clinton  on line and read some of the comments.  Or check out Twitter and see for yourself how women who disagree with Trump’s supporters are treated. (See for example #GeoGee, who calls Hillary Clinton a cunt.)  Will Mr. Trump and his cronies lead us down the slippery slope of American systemic female subjugation?  Could we end up wearing a Hijab?  Only if we allow it.


2 thoughts on “When you’re the hunted, words matter.

  1. This was brilliant. Both delicate and strong.
    For the record, 1,631 women were murdered last year.
    As Trump has made misogyny normal, these women remain, save a one day’smworth of a media mention, mostly anonymous.

    Oddly enough, technology is available to prevent attacks.
    To give women a heads up. No one in government, wants it.

    Yes, women can save their own lives after a restraining order has been granted; but given the solution has been been around for years, the question becomes, why aren’t judges using it? Why are judges putting women at risk? Why aren’t attorneys demanding it?

    The solution is two-fold.

    1. Judges ordering an ACTIVE (real-time) GPS enhancement to some restraining order – in Active GPS, a person monitors the screen 24/7 and should the restrained individual make a move to violate the stay-away distance, the person monitoring the screen would call the intended VICTIM – (not some probation officer) FIRST.

    This is common sense as doing so affords the woman the opportunity to save her own life. After notifying the target first, then the monitor would notify the police, SECOND.

    Calling law enforcement first, wastes time and puts women at risk.

    Here’s how it works. This should be used for DV cases. Otherwise, media will continue reporting the same story, just with different names. This means women pay taxes for police and court services they are refused.


    CBS – more detailed

    The difference between real-time GPS monitoring and tracking, is the difference between life and death. Have been trying to get it in family court for six years because all women need to save their own life, is a head start. However, currently real-time GPS is used criminal, not family court.

    What might happen if media began asking Judges why they’re allowing women to remain at risk?

    Also, consider the problem with what California continues to use.
    NBC report.

    (I founded http://www.Familylawcourts.com 16 years ago, as the problem of women getting killed for breaking up with men is outrageous enough, but that what is commonly used in criminal court is ignored in family court, dooms women.)


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