This is about me…Patricia Lea or patriciaplaypost.

My Bio…kind of…

The Stats:

  • Born in Oakridge, Tennessee 1953
  • Army Brat
  • Traveled the world but have spent most of my days in the amazing California.
  • Can’t believe I finished high school, attended college (Shasta Junior College) and completed my A.A. in Liberal Arts.  Mother of 4, and grandmother of a whole lot of boys and one precious girl who I’ve not had the opportunity to witness growing up.
  • Christian?  Yes,  but also a believer that God will present to each of us in a way we can comprehend.  All faiths can be beautiful paths and deserve our respect.

Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out who you are. Then, once you figure out who you are, that face looking back from the mirror disappears and a new you looks back. That new face asks you to answer the question, “Who are you now?”  It’s a question that demands an answer and nags at you to actively pursue the journey.  Not being weak of spirit or heart I am continuing to do, be, learn, love and never give up on my sparkling zest for life.  I currently live in a California Coastal Town with my husband and occasional visits from the amazing, Jack, our neighbors scruffy little dog.  And I am proud to say that I was published in the “New Times” Paper, San Luis Obispo, California, 2015 for their “55 Fiction” v.2015 (12)

email:  tishnicity@att.net

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