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The Jungle of American Politics

It’s Wednesday and my mind is wandering deeper into a jungle of thoughts about Hillary Clinton.  And I’m feeling a lot like Jane looks here:  apprehensive, confused, vulnerable.  But I’m still on the road to Finding Hillary, and doing my damnedest to focus on becoming informed before I decide how I will vote.

I’ve started reading, Hard Choices, Hillary’s book about fulfilling the role of Secretary of State.  And the writing is brilliant.  What’s sharp is the attention to details that help flesh out the complexity of negotiating U.S. Foreign Affairs. I mean,  interacting with people that represent the full spectrum of agreement and/or disagreement to an American ideal of leadership, democracy, minorities, liberty, sovereignty, and freedom (just to mention a few cultural conceptions) is no cake walk.  At any given moment you could be seated at a table with anyone from , Suu Kyi the 1991 Noble Peace Prize Winner from Myanmar (Burma)  to Hamid Karzi, President of Afghanistan.  And at this table, if you are truly intending to further the causes of peace and democracy for as many countries as possible around the world, then there is no room for grudges, revenge, or thin-skinned reactions.  An open mind and steely resolve are mandatory.

The Secretary of State is appointed by the President.  Makes sense, if the Secretary of State is his principal advisor on U.S. foreign policy.  They better damn well have a level of decent communication right?  What’s interesting in Hillary’s and Pres. Obama’s case is that they campaigned against one another and he won.  Then he asked her to serve as the Senior Executive of the Senior Executive Department of the U.S. Government.  Considering campaigns are never love fests, (a campaign message against Hillary), she hardly flinched before saying, “Yes”.  But then she hardly flinched when she stood in a room in the DMZ between North and South Korea with an armed North Korean soldier glaring her down.  She’s ballsy.  Hillary at the DMZ

Hillary’s stories are well written and demonstrate a command of foreign policy.  Even  Peggy Noonan  (Hillary/Clinton Hater), admits that she has “an above average intellect.”  But her stories are often “me”oriented.  Kinda’ like watching a Martha Stewart Segment where, “me”, “my”, and “I”are favored pronouns to the point of nausea. But it is a memoir so maybe it works that way. And I can’t help but wonder why the heck a photographer was brought along to the DMZ in what appears to be a very tense situation.

I admit that recurring doubts overtake my thinking and tangle with the pleasure of this reading.  Many advance, like  Seth Rich and many  recede like, FileGate, TravelGate.   But they do persist.

Are these accusations the machinations of a duopoly?  Can’t say.  But sometimes, you wonder just the lengths people in power, like the GOP, D.N.C. the Bush’s and the Clinton’s might go to maintain their status quo.

So I wade deeper into the jungle of American Politics and the study of a woman who would be president.


Finding Hillary

The quest to find the woman who would be President of the United States.

I decided last week to find Hillary.  Prompted by a couple of my friend’s entreaties to vote for someone to keep someone else out of the Oval Office, I have decided to challenge myself.  Because frankly I just could not come up with a concrete reason that wasn’t informed by the media.  I have never read any of her books.  And I haven’t read any books written about her.  I have seen her on the news but I know very little about her life and career.  I never listen to radio talk jocks and I rarely watch television shows with hosts who interview “celebrities”.  It’s all too boring.

But there are two things I can confidently say that I think about Hillary Clinton.

  1. I admired the way she handled her husband’s public philandering.
  2. Her voice annoys me.

So, for me this is a quest.  I am going in search of a leader.  I believe a person’s truths are echoed in their writings, so my goal is to read at least two of her books, probably  Hard Choices  and “It Takes a Village”.  Because enemies help define all of us, I will read two books from among those who find fault with her, “The Case Against Hillary Clinton”, by Peggy Noonan “The Final Days” by Barbara Olson.  (All of these books have been chosen because they are available at local libraries)  I’ll interview a couple of my friends and family who will not vote for her and I’ll also continue to listen to two of my friends who are ardent supporters.  I’ve read some articles in the N.Y. Times but I usually prefer the Washington Post, so those will contribute in my search to find the reality behind this iconic woman.   And maybe I can catch a video or two, including  Clinton Cash.

During this journey I would like to find the answers to the following questions? 

Do I agree with her ideologically?

How was her job performance as  the Secretary of State?

What part does corruption play in her leadership?

What role does misogyny play in my perceptions of her?

I am prepared to accept that I might not find the leader that I would like to find.  But I am also prepared to find a leader that I have neglected to give a chance.  My journey begins…join me.
Expect a new post every week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday.  And I invite appropriate and respectful referrals and comments.