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Diplomacy, Democracy and an American Cry of Deception

Hillary Clinton was adept in the role of Secretary of State.

Before I go on and lose many of you who want to remind me about Bengazi,  I want you to know that I know;  Bengazi was horrifying.  We lost 4 American lives.  These people were doing what most of us would never do.  They took on a mission to improve our relationships in an often times hostile land for our government.  They died during that mission.  Her hollow commentary about the lives lost, left me cold.

“I often think about the families who lost loved ones serving our country… The truest way to honor them is to improve our ability to protect those who carry on their work and prevent future losses.”  H.C. (from her book Hard Choices)

It’s that lack of empathy that turns us away.  That “moving on” attitude without regard for our feelings that makes us want to scream.  But I do not believe she is guilty of culpable negligence for this loss.  She’s a part of the scheme, that web of responsibility, decision-making, and denial that we call American Government.  And the really sad thing in the Bengazi Tragedy, is that no one person is ultimately at fault.  There is NO one to hang or execute.  We must grieve without the benefit of vengeance.

When I state that she was “adept” in her role, I want you to know that I’m not just listening to smarmy television pundits or hate radio, I’m actually studying books, papers, and other materials both for and against her.  I approached it like a her job interview for her next job, President of the United States.  (Job description for the  U. S. Secretary of State).  I even pushed myself to include readings from the Drudge Report. (an aggregated news source)  The following is a sample of the distillation from my study of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, 2009 – 2013.  It supports my opinion that as the executive in charge of US Diplomacy and an advisor to the President, she did a good job.

  • Instituted a concept of “Smart Power”, a combination of diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal and cultural “tools” to maintain US national and international power.
  • Worked well with her peers including:  Robert Gates, Leon Pannetta and David Petraeus
  • Reportedly initiated the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review.  This comprehensive strategy for U.S. Diplomacy focuses on advancing America’s interests in global security, inclusive economic growth, climate change, accountable governance and freedom for all.QDDR. 
  • Improved the workings of the department, also referred to as “Foggy Bottom” including: Increasing the annual budget by 7%, (it was admittedly underfunded by both sides of the aisle) and  improving social media networking with Facebook and Twitter account increases
  • Initiated the Clinton Global Initiative to fight world hunger and create food security.  Clinton Global Initiative
  • Re-calibrated her relationship with her President, a campaign rival.
  • Initiated the T.P.P. as a means to balance China’s power and improve relationships and trading in a strategic international waters conflict. Trans Pacific Partnership
  • Participated in the decision-making to dismantle Al Qaeda by  killing the leader, Osama bin Laden. (Operation Neptune Spear)
  • Moved the issues of civilian power, women’s rights and the violence perpetrated against women to the forefront of global conversation.

Her participation and performance during these years is comprehensively documented.  I believe her speech in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, articulates one of the necessary tenets  for representing the United States in international negotiations.

“…democracy actually fosters stability.  It is true that clamping down on political expression and maintaining a tight grip on what people read or say or see can create the illusion of security, but illusions  fade, while people’s yearning for liberty does not.  By contrast, democracy provides critical safety valves for societies.  It allows people to select their leaders, gives those leaders legitimacy  to make difficult and necessary decisions for the national good, and lets minorities express their views.”  

She believes in these ideals.  She works towards them.  She adapts to extreme political landscapes and adjusts to them with tolerance.  She accepts modest gains but doesn’t give up on visionary goals.  Her experience as the Secretary of State could only benefit our country if she were to become President.

But often she is working from the shadows of her own mistakes and missteps.  And I continue to consider deception and it’s role in the works of the Clinton Family.  The journey to “find” Hillary continues.  Finding Hillary